How To Properly Backup Data In Quicken For Windows And Mac.

In order to protect your financial transactions in Quicken, one has to take the backup of Quicken Data file. Quicken data file has an extension.QDF and you can export the same on computer disc or hard drive etc.

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Quicken back up for Windows

In Order to take backup in Windows version, please follow the steps given below:-

Open Quicken software and click on File –> back and Restore –> Backup Quicken file.

The Pop up will open and will ask for the location where you need to store the file or you can leave the path same if you don’t want to change the backup location.

Check on the box ( add the date to the backup file name ) so that you can have the details regarding the timestamp/ identification on which date it was created.

Then the last step is to click on the tab backup now. This will generate the backup copy of the data file.

Quicken back up for Mac

In Order to take backup in Mac version, please follow the steps given below:-

Open the Quicken software for MAC and go to the tab File –> save a backup

Browse the location where you need to save the Quicken data file backup, you can save it on the hard drive or you can use a flash drive or zip drive and click on the tab save. The quicken data file will be saved with an extension.

If you still have any type of problems related to Quicken then feel free to call us at Quicken support number 1-800-969-3032 for best customer support. Our toll-free number is 24X7 available to assist you and solve your problem.

For Troubleshooting Quicken Software Errors: Contact Quicken Technical Support

The explanation for the continuous success of the Quicken could be the release of regular updates and also Quicken is famous to offer consistent performance. One should be careful while shifting in one version of Quicken to a different as only a little negligence may be dangerous. But ignoring the updates is no appropriate solution because it could lead one to great hassle. Quicken technical Support is the best solution for the update dilemmas when using Quicken.

A number of the common errors that happen with Quicken Software:

Error One: If this Quicken ID already exists. Log in, and recover your account.

To eliminate this

  • Get on Sign in 
  • Utilize the email you merely entered as your Quicken ID to sign in.
  • Enter your Quicken ID password.
  • If there isn’t or can’t remember the password, follow the steps to reset the password.
  • And then register again with your password.

Error Two: If your account needs to migrate.

To resolve this

  • In the error message, click on click here
  • Based on whether your username is fully migrated or not, you will be asked to Create an Account or Sign In together with your Quicken ID
  • Follow the steps on the screen you get to accomplish the migration process and create your Quicken ID.

Update Quicken

Once you download transactions from your own bank, Quicken also checks to see if you’re on the Quicken account or not. If you’re not, Quicken will prompt one to update.  You may also check your release version in Quicken, by selecting Help > About Quicken.

If you don’t see the Check for Updates option, you can update via the One Step Update:

  • Choose ToolsOne Step Update.
  • Hit on Update Now.
  • If an upgrade can be acquired, Quicken displays an email with a URL to describe what’s in the update, along with a button to download the update.

If you want to call on Quicken Support phone number you call the Quicken customer support services without the waiting queues. Dial the toll-free number
 1-800-969-3032 and get help to install the Quicken patch without the hassle. The Quicken professionals can be found each day and night to simply help the users.

How to fix Quicken 2018 Installation Issues?

Fix Quicken 2018 Installation Issues?

Quicken is a personal finance management software developed by Quicken Inc. (previously part of Intuit, Inc.). With this personal financial management tool, you can easily track your spending’s and create monthly and yearly budgets. Quicken Software runs on two platforms Windows and Mac iOS systems.
There are several versions of Quicken for Windows and Mac, including Quicken Starter, Deluxe, Premier, Quicken Rental Property Manager, and Quicken Home & Business.

Quicken 2018 is released with the comprehensive features, some are listed below:

  • Online bills: Access to 11,000-plus online billers, with Adobe Acrobat PDF downloads.
  • Custom Reporting: Custom report layout options and direct Excel export.
  • Free Online Backups: 5 GB of secure online backup of Quicken with Dropbox.
  • Free Quicken Bill Pay: Use Bill Pay 15 months for free with Premier and higher (a $149.25 value).
  • Invoice Customization: Custom logo, color and payment links to Home, Business & Rental Property.

When it comes to installing the latest version of Quicken 2018, many users have faced some installation issues.

You can go with two methods to fix the installation issue:

Method 1: Download QcleanUI to Fix Installation Issue:  If you are unable to install Quicken software, the first step is to download QcleanUI on your system. QcleanUI should be used to correct installation or patching issues (such as not being able to open Quicken after installation or not being able to install patches). It should not be used to attempt to fix data issues or password problems (Quicken ID Password, Vault Password etc.).

Step on How to use QcleanUI to Fix Installation Issue:

  • After downloading the QcleanUI utility kit, the user is requested to take the backup of your Quicken data first but if you are not able to open the Quicken then you can skip this step.
  • Uninstall the Quicken from the Add/Remove feature via the control panel.
  • Make a new folder on the desktop and rename it to “QcleanUI”.
  • Run the QcleanUI Exe. File and save it into the folder name “QcleanUI”.
  • Run MSICLEAN.exe file and save the file to the SAME folder “QcleanUI”.
  • Open the folder “QcleanUI”, now double-click on QcleanUI.exe file.
  • Select clean all versions, and then click Clean. Note: QcleanUI may take few minutes to complete the clean the files.
  • Close the QcleanUI.

Method 2: Rename Quicken Shared Folders

  • Make sure to follow the steps to Show hidden files and folders. Because some of the files and folders that need to be renamed in the next steps do not appear even after selecting to Show hidden files and folders. If this occurs, continue through the steps and rename the folders that do appear.
  • Now go to C:\Program Data\Intuit folder, right-click on the Quicken folder. Select Rename, give the folder a different name, and then press Enter.
  • In the C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Intuit folder, right-click on the Quicken folder. Select Rename, give the folder a different name and then press Enter.
  • Do repeat the steps 2 and 3 for each user on your computer.
  • In the C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) folder, right-click on the Quicken installation folder. Select Rename, give the folder a different, and then press Enter.
  • Restart your computer, and install Quicken again.

If you still face any issues or unable to install the Quicken even after following the above methods, contact Quicken Technical Support for help. If you don’t wish to follow these steps and looking for hassle-free support services from expert technicians who can provide remote assistance for this installation process call our Quicken customer support toll free number 1-800-969-3032. We are available 24/7 to provide instant support for all Quicken issues.