How do I transfer Quicken files from one computer to another?

Quicken Financial Software comes in two versions one for Windows operating system and another one is for Mac. To transfer Quicken from one computer to another you keep few things handy:- Quicken Financial Software comes in two versions one for Windows operating system and another one is for Mac. To transfer Quicken from one computer to another you keep few things handy:-

  • Digital Copy of Quicken Software or Quicken Setup Disc.
  • Flash Drive or USB storage drive to transfer your existing Data backup file.
    Note: – The Quicken Software setup need to be of the same version.

Quicken Software

Quicken for Windows

  • Run the Quicken setup file and install the Quicken software on the new computer.
  • After the installation, need to update the Quicken software to the latest release.
  • Go to your old computer and open Quicken à open file à backup and back up your Quicken data file to external USB or Flash drive.
  • Now attach the Flash drive or external USB drive to the new computer where the Quicken Data file is copied.
  • Open the external USB or Flash drive and copy the Quicken data file to the new computer.
  • Open the Quicken and click on File à restore backup file and select the Quicken backup file to restore the file.

Quicken for Mac

  • Run the Quicken setup file and Install Quicken for Mac on the new Computer.
  • Go to your old computer and open the Quicken software.
  • Now click on File à save Backup
  • Save the Quicken backup file on the external flash drive or USB drive.
  • Now attach the USB or flash drive on the new computer, where you need to transfer the data.
  • Open the Quicken software, click on File à restore from Backup
  • Search for the USB drive or Flash drive and click the Quicken backup file on the USB or Flash Drive.
  • Click on restore file and give the location on the new Mac and click restore.

Have more questions about Quicken files transfer from one computer to another? Call us at Quicken customer services number 1-800-969-3032 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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Quicken Software

There are different software’s are available in the market to manage your personal finances at one place. One of the most popular personal finance managing software that is available in the market and used by million users is – Quicken.
Quicken Software is now available on the yearly subscription service and in the several different versions for Windows and Mac. The basic version of Quicken is – Quicken Starter, previously known as Quicken Basic, The starter edition is very useful for those who are just new to Quicken.

Quicken Starter

Quicken Starter version will allow you to track your daily tasks and categorize your money. With this Starter version, you can import all checking and bank transactions automatically. Starter edition will also allow you to pay your bills and create budgets.
Quicken Starter is available at the minimum price from all Quicken versions. You can purchase Quicken 2018 Starter edition at $34.99/yr. Quicken starter edition 2018 is released with several new features now users now have access to 11,000+ online billers, bill PDF downloads.

Quicken Deluxe

Quicken Windows and Mac is available in the Deluxe version which includes everything in the starter, additionally – If you are using Deluxe edition you can import investment, loan and retirements account transactions too in this version. You can plan to pay off your debts with the deluxe edition.
Quicken deluxe edition 2018 is now available at $44.99/yr.

Quicken Premier

Quicken is available in Premier edition, which includes everything in Starter and Deluxe edition, additionally, you can check how your investments are performing. With Quicken Premier edition it helps minimize taxes on investments. In the Premier edition, you can manage bills at one place and pay them for free with Quicken bill pay feature.
Quicken Premier is available to purchase at $67.49/yr.
If you don’t know how to use Quicken Software or you are new to Quicken you can opt for Starter or Deluxe version. If you face any difficulty while working on any version you contact with Quicken Customer Service team anytime.

Call Quicken Customer Support toll-free number800-969-3032 to get instant resolution.