How to Create a Budget in Quicken Software?

How to create a Budget in Quicken?

Quicken is a personal finance management software that offers you many features to track each penny you earn and spend. For example, Quicken automatically creates a budget for you, based on your frequent expense history. To manage your money sagaciously, you have to be attentive to your monthly income and expenses. If you’ve been using Quicken for years, try the automatic budget feature. This feature can create a simple budget reflecting your top spending categories. But if you are new to financial management software, you can create a budget with the below-mentioned steps :

Steps to Create a Quicken Budget

  • Launch the Quicken Software> Click on Planning tab>Budgets Button>Choose Budget Actions>Click on Create a new Budget
  • After clicking on Create new budget > Give a name to your Budget and then click on.
  • If necessary, change the Advanced Budget Settings. You can also define a fiscal year that starts with any month of the year. Whilst you do so, any yearly or quarterly preferences in Quicken are offset based totally on the first month of your fiscal year.
  • Now, click ok to create your budget. Quicken will create a new budget with the name you gave it. When you are done with all steps and review your budget by clicking the “Summary” tab.

The above-described steps will show you the easiest way to set up your Quicken budget. However, if you have just started using Quicken Software, you may not necessarily start preparing the budget. You may wait till you Quicken has a minimum 3 months’ worth of transactions.

In case you wish, you can add or put off budget categories. Moreover, you can encompass the earnings and transfer. These are not created while creating a new budget. More information on creating and setting up for a new budget is available online and you can learn more about Quicken budget creation and all the other features. And, in case, if you encounter any problems while creating the budget; you can contact the Quicken Tech Support number without any hesitancy.