How To Fix Duplicate Transactions Issues in Quicken 2018

If you face duplicate transactions issues in Your Quicken 2018. Then You don’t worry We give the best solution for our customers. There are various reasons due to which one can get the duplicate transactions in their account register. Like,

1. when you deactivate and reactivate the account.

2. or if there is a change in the format of the transaction from the financial institution.

Check the account register where the duplicate transaction is, after confirming deactivate the duplicate and link the account carefully again. Sometimes reactivation may create duplicate transactions in the account and then you have to manually delete all the duplicate transaction from the account register.

Fix Duplicate Transactions Issues

To resolve the duplicate transaction problem, you have to add the download ID tag to your register.

got to the quicken and open the account register and click on the account want to resolve.

once you have selected the account, go to the extreme left corner there is a gear icon, click on the gear icon and check the download id column.
review the details and check all the transaction which are downloaded and which are about to be downloaded.
Check for the duplicate transactions and delete all the duplicate ones manually.
I hope this information will help you. But in case you still face the same issues. And in case if you need any further help, We are just a call away. You can call Quicken technical support Number 1-800-969-3032.