How To Fix Duplicate Transactions Issues in Quicken 2018

If you face duplicate transactions issues in Your Quicken 2018. Then You don’t worry We give the best solution for our customers. There are various reasons due to which one can get the duplicate transactions in their account register. Like,

1. when you deactivate and reactivate the account.

2. or if there is a change in the format of the transaction from the financial institution.

Check the account register where the duplicate transaction is, after confirming deactivate the duplicate and link the account carefully again. Sometimes reactivation may create duplicate transactions in the account and then you have to manually delete all the duplicate transaction from the account register.

Fix Duplicate Transactions Issues

To resolve the duplicate transaction problem, you have to add the download ID tag to your register.

got to the quicken and open the account register and click on the account want to resolve.

once you have selected the account, go to the extreme left corner there is a gear icon, click on the gear icon and check the download id column.
review the details and check all the transaction which are downloaded and which are about to be downloaded.
Check for the duplicate transactions and delete all the duplicate ones manually.
I hope this information will help you. But in case you still face the same issues. And in case if you need any further help, We are just a call away. You can call Quicken technical support Number 1-800-969-3032.

For Troubleshooting Quicken Software Errors: Contact Quicken Technical Support

The explanation for the continuous success of the Quicken could be the release of regular updates and also Quicken is famous to offer consistent performance. One should be careful while shifting in one version of Quicken to a different as only a little negligence may be dangerous. But ignoring the updates is no appropriate solution because it could lead one to great hassle. Quicken technical Support is the best solution for the update dilemmas when using Quicken.

A number of the common errors that happen with Quicken Software:

Error One: If this Quicken ID already exists. Log in, and recover your account.

To eliminate this

  • Get on Sign in 
  • Utilize the email you merely entered as your Quicken ID to sign in.
  • Enter your Quicken ID password.
  • If there isn’t or can’t remember the password, follow the steps to reset the password.
  • And then register again with your password.

Error Two: If your account needs to migrate.

To resolve this

  • In the error message, click on click here
  • Based on whether your username is fully migrated or not, you will be asked to Create an Account or Sign In together with your Quicken ID
  • Follow the steps on the screen you get to accomplish the migration process and create your Quicken ID.

Update Quicken

Once you download transactions from your own bank, Quicken also checks to see if you’re on the Quicken account or not. If you’re not, Quicken will prompt one to update.  You may also check your release version in Quicken, by selecting Help > About Quicken.

If you don’t see the Check for Updates option, you can update via the One Step Update:

  • Choose ToolsOne Step Update.
  • Hit on Update Now.
  • If an upgrade can be acquired, Quicken displays an email with a URL to describe what’s in the update, along with a button to download the update.

If you want to call on Quicken Support phone number you call the Quicken customer support services without the waiting queues. Dial the toll-free number
 1-800-969-3032 and get help to install the Quicken patch without the hassle. The Quicken professionals can be found each day and night to simply help the users.

How do I transfer Quicken files from one computer to another?

Quicken Financial Software comes in two versions one for Windows operating system and another one is for Mac. To transfer Quicken from one computer to another you keep few things handy:- Quicken Financial Software comes in two versions one for Windows operating system and another one is for Mac. To transfer Quicken from one computer to another you keep few things handy:-

  • Digital Copy of Quicken Software or Quicken Setup Disc.
  • Flash Drive or USB storage drive to transfer your existing Data backup file.
    Note: – The Quicken Software setup need to be of the same version.

Quicken Software

Quicken for Windows

  • Run the Quicken setup file and install the Quicken software on the new computer.
  • After the installation, need to update the Quicken software to the latest release.
  • Go to your old computer and open Quicken à open file à backup and back up your Quicken data file to external USB or Flash drive.
  • Now attach the Flash drive or external USB drive to the new computer where the Quicken Data file is copied.
  • Open the external USB or Flash drive and copy the Quicken data file to the new computer.
  • Open the Quicken and click on File à restore backup file and select the Quicken backup file to restore the file.

Quicken for Mac

  • Run the Quicken setup file and Install Quicken for Mac on the new Computer.
  • Go to your old computer and open the Quicken software.
  • Now click on File à save Backup
  • Save the Quicken backup file on the external flash drive or USB drive.
  • Now attach the USB or flash drive on the new computer, where you need to transfer the data.
  • Open the Quicken software, click on File à restore from Backup
  • Search for the USB drive or Flash drive and click the Quicken backup file on the USB or Flash Drive.
  • Click on restore file and give the location on the new Mac and click restore.

Have more questions about Quicken files transfer from one computer to another? Call us at Quicken customer services number 1-800-969-3032 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Want to install Quicken 2018 on Window and Mac? Visit blog –

How to Find Quicken Data Files (Quicken for Windows)

Quicken is a Personal Finance software used to track, manage and up keep personal expenses.

There are several ways to find the Quicken Data files .

  • Using Quicken Software
  • Using Windows feature

Quicken for Windows

Step 1 – Use Quicken to search the Data files. Got to the File menu -> open File Operations -> Find Quicken Files

Quicken data files

Step 2 – Search for a specified file name or let it search the whole computer.

Step 3 – Click on to the Look in Tab and you can select the drive or a specific folder where you can search the Quicken files

Step 4 – if You have Quicken file name then click on the tab Quicken File Name tab and type the file name you are looking for.

You will be able to see the results in the Quicken Data file found window and you can open the specified file by clicking the open on the Quicken file.

Hope you find this blog helpful , you are always welcome to our technical support services if you have got any queries related to Quicken in your mind. If you are experiencing any issue , can can connect with Quicken Support helpline anytime.


How to Resolve CC-581 Error in Quicken Software?

One of the most popular and easy to use financial management software that is easily available in the market is “Quicken”. But sometimes Quicken users experience technical glitches with the Quicken mobile application. There are a number of reasons that could cause an error when you sign in, sync, or edit transactions in the Quicken Mobile App. Most of the times these errors are temporary and should resolve itself within 24 hours. Some Errors will specially elicit to wait. If in case you receive such messages, it is liable to wait for a specific time. If you receive an error message mentioning the steps to fix it, try those steps and see if things work for you. Some of the most common mobile errors are:

  • HTTP 504
  • CC-581
  • HTTP 500/HTTP 502

When Error CC-581 Occurs in Quicken?

The CC-581 error is a server error and occurs when there is an issues on the Quicken server. All server errors are assigned to the Quicken official team and will resolve within the 2-3 days.

How to Resolve Error CC-581 in Quicken?

You don’t have to make a move in the event that you got this blunder. Refresh your Quicken account in 24 – 48 hours once the server issue has been settled.

However if you are keen to update your Quicken account, you can make an attempt to collect the account details manually. But please be mindful that following this procedure will make copy of duplicate transactions to appear once the blunder has cleared. Eventually you will land in manually deleting the copied transactions.

Quicken Customer Support
Quicken Customer Support

Here are the steps –

  • Log into your financial institution’s website.
  • Go to the download page and click download to Quicken. Now Go to to the transaction history page.
  • Follow the onscreen guide to update your Quicken accounts.
  • Enter the new transactions manually.
  • Check intermittently to check whether the issue is settled. There are chances that Quicken support team resolved this error and server will be functioning correctly within the defined time period.
  • Go to your register Quicken account, from the top of your account select the Actions gear icon.
  • Select “Update” Now from options
  • Follow on-site instructions to complete the entire process
  • Repeat all of these steps for every financial institution experiencing this error.

If the update is not successful, attempt again the following business day. If the error still exists, contact Quicken Customer Support Number for further assistance.

Quicken Software

There are different software’s are available in the market to manage your personal finances at one place. One of the most popular personal finance managing software that is available in the market and used by million users is – Quicken.
Quicken Software is now available on the yearly subscription service and in the several different versions for Windows and Mac. The basic version of Quicken is – Quicken Starter, previously known as Quicken Basic, The starter edition is very useful for those who are just new to Quicken.

Quicken Starter

Quicken Starter version will allow you to track your daily tasks and categorize your money. With this Starter version, you can import all checking and bank transactions automatically. Starter edition will also allow you to pay your bills and create budgets.
Quicken Starter is available at the minimum price from all Quicken versions. You can purchase Quicken 2018 Starter edition at $34.99/yr. Quicken starter edition 2018 is released with several new features now users now have access to 11,000+ online billers, bill PDF downloads.

Quicken Deluxe

Quicken Windows and Mac is available in the Deluxe version which includes everything in the starter, additionally – If you are using Deluxe edition you can import investment, loan and retirements account transactions too in this version. You can plan to pay off your debts with the deluxe edition.
Quicken deluxe edition 2018 is now available at $44.99/yr.

Quicken Premier

Quicken is available in Premier edition, which includes everything in Starter and Deluxe edition, additionally, you can check how your investments are performing. With Quicken Premier edition it helps minimize taxes on investments. In the Premier edition, you can manage bills at one place and pay them for free with Quicken bill pay feature.
Quicken Premier is available to purchase at $67.49/yr.
If you don’t know how to use Quicken Software or you are new to Quicken you can opt for Starter or Deluxe version. If you face any difficulty while working on any version you contact with Quicken Customer Service team anytime.

Call Quicken Customer Support toll-free number800-969-3032 to get instant resolution.

How to Update Quicken for Mac 2018?

Quicken 2018 for Mac is released in three different editions, The Starter Edition, Deluxe Edition and Premier Edition, with the advanced billing features. The Product is now available on the yearly subscription plan.

What’s improved in Quicken 2018?

Quicken 2018 allow users to manage and pay bills online using the Quicken bill pay app with access to 11,000+ biller sources. Quicken bill management dashboard automatically downloads bill PDFs and records due dates and payment amount as well.

What’s New in Quicken Deluxe?

Quicken Deluxe 2018 includes investment features which are not available in the Starter edition while Premier edition includes free Quicken Bill Pay and priority access to a Quicken customer support phone number.

Where to find the Quicken Mac Updates?

Launch Quicken software> Select the Quicken menu > Check for Updates.

  • If an update is available, you will get a dialog box with what is counted in the latest release and the option to.
  • Skip This Version -This is not recommended. The software update covers imperative fixes and improvements that may impact you.
  • Remind Me Later – If you select the “Remind me later” option, you will be reminded to update your software to the latest release next time you open it.
  • Install Update -This is recommended, it will install the latest Quicken update.

If you want to automatically download and install updates of all kind in the future, you can check the box that appears above these options. So this will make sure your Quicken receives and installs all the updates it needs.

If you are already using the latest version of the software, a message window appeared that says your Quicken is already up-to-date.
You can check the Updates to discover out what’s new in the latest update, or get troubleshooting information in case you run into a problem with the update.

You can download Quicken for Mac from the official website or through a vendor.


How to Create a Budget in Quicken Software?

How to create a Budget in Quicken?

Quicken is a personal finance management software that offers you many features to track each penny you earn and spend. For example, Quicken automatically creates a budget for you, based on your frequent expense history. To manage your money sagaciously, you have to be attentive to your monthly income and expenses. If you’ve been using Quicken for years, try the automatic budget feature. This feature can create a simple budget reflecting your top spending categories. But if you are new to financial management software, you can create a budget with the below-mentioned steps :

Steps to Create a Quicken Budget

  • Launch the Quicken Software> Click on Planning tab>Budgets Button>Choose Budget Actions>Click on Create a new Budget
  • After clicking on Create new budget > Give a name to your Budget and then click on.
  • If necessary, change the Advanced Budget Settings. You can also define a fiscal year that starts with any month of the year. Whilst you do so, any yearly or quarterly preferences in Quicken are offset based totally on the first month of your fiscal year.
  • Now, click ok to create your budget. Quicken will create a new budget with the name you gave it. When you are done with all steps and review your budget by clicking the “Summary” tab.

The above-described steps will show you the easiest way to set up your Quicken budget. However, if you have just started using Quicken Software, you may not necessarily start preparing the budget. You may wait till you Quicken has a minimum 3 months’ worth of transactions.

In case you wish, you can add or put off budget categories. Moreover, you can encompass the earnings and transfer. These are not created while creating a new budget. More information on creating and setting up for a new budget is available online and you can learn more about Quicken budget creation and all the other features. And, in case, if you encounter any problems while creating the budget; you can contact the Quicken Tech Support number without any hesitancy.

How to Troubleshoot Advanced Data Files Errors in Quicken Windows?

Quicken is a financial management software that enables users to efficiently manage expenses at one place. With Quicken you can create budgets, categorize your spending and set bill reminders etc. Quicken has numerous products to choose from according to your financial requirements. Quicken 2018 is released and includes enhanced customize report options and direct Excel reports, along with 5GB of secure online backup for your Quicken files with Dropbox. The most popular Quicken products are available for:

While using Quicken for Windows, users find various issues at the different point of times. Data integrity or data files errors are most common among those Quicken Windows errors.  

  • Dates are lost from reports when all report settings are correct
  • Data file backups that cannot be restored
  • Categories or numbers incorrectly related to reports when all report settings are correct
  • Missing categories
  • Incompetence to assign categories in split transactions

Before troubleshooting the data integrity issues, re-check your Quicken account settings. Also, make sure that you are updated to the latest release of Quicken.

Quicken Software Support toll free number

How to Troubleshoot Advanced Data files or Data Integrity Errors in Quicken Windows?

Step 1: Validate your Data Integrity files:

  • Accept all the transactions that are waiting on the Compare-to-Register screen prior to Authenticating. You can find it in the – “Downloaded Transactions tab” which is placed at the bottom of your Quicken account register.
  • Now Click on File from the top menu bar, then choose File Operations > Validate > Repair.
  • If you are presently in the data file you would like to validate, it will already be selected. On the other hand, if you want to validate another file, you will need to click Browse and find that data file.
  • After the selection of data file, put a check in front to validate the file.
  • For investment-related data file issues, put a check in front to Rebuild investing lots and Delete investing price history.
  • Now Click OK button.

Once the validation process is completed, the Data Log appear will be displayed in a Notepad window. This file contains a summary of the Validation results. Quicken automatically saves a backup copy of this file before you validate it. You can check this file in the Validate folder within the same location as your Quicken data file.

Step 2: Copy your files and Validate

If the data integrity file issue is not fixed with the first method, try these below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to File > File Operations > Copy.
  • Leave all of the settings, including file name and checkboxes, at their default (do not change anything on this screen).
  • After the Copy is complete, now choose – Open New Copy.
  • In the New Copy, go to File > File Operations > Validate & Repair > Validate to ensure there are no lingering issues with the data in this file.
  • If an issue was with the Investment account latency or other data problems with an investment account, make sure to choose to Rebuild Lots during this process.
  • Once this data file process is finished, make sure to review the Data_Log.txt for messages refer to the quality of your data and resolve any that are guided by instructions you should follow.
  • Test your regular methods to check if the issue you were facing is resolved or not.

If you need any assistance through any of above-mentioned steps, click here to contact Quicken  Support desk team to get the solution on advanced data integrity errors from a certified Quicken technician. The team is available 24/7 to offer customer support, so you don’t need to panic for the trouble call toll-free support number 1800-969-3032.